👣 In summer I always enjoy an early-evening walk on our smallholding. No need to get in my car to find nature, I have 8.5ha right here to explore, hoping to see the Barn Owl or some Guinea fowl, but always enjoying the Bluegum trees and beautiful grasses and wild flowers along the way.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Autumn on the farm

The baler standing at the ready to collect all the cut grass

Autumn is the time when we start preparing our smallholding for winter – cut the fire breaks, bale the grass and a general clean-up before the veld fires (wild fires) strike (without fail every year, no matter what precautions we take!), but it at least minimises the impact when the grass is short.

Cutting and baling the grass is no mean feat. First of all, all the equipment is very expensive. We do have our own tractor and grass cutter, but none of the necessary equipment like rakes and balers to complete the job after cutting. We are tractor repair people, not farmers, so we long ago decided to leave the job to the professionals.

I've stood and watched many a time as various people have taken on the job of cutting and baling our 8.5ha smallholding and I can tell you, by now I can see the difference between a "professional" and somebody (like us!) that just takes a tractor, cuts the grass and attempts to bale it. Over the years we have been extremely lucky in finding a neighbour that is utterly "professional" and eloquent at the job of cutting and baling, leaving our smallholding looking smart and neat and ready for the winter.

 The process of collecting the grass in the baler..

baling it up, dropping it ...
and moving on to the next lot of grass

 Bales ready for collection by the tractor and trailer

Since the cutting and baling was finished, we've had quite a bit of rain again and the yellow fields are now bright and green again. Looks like the same procedure is going to take place again before mid-winter!


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    1. Thanks Liz, I will! Autumn is the best time of the year!


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